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Epilepsy & Administration of Rescue Treatments

Course Overview:

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition in the world. 1 in every 131 people in the UK have Epilepsy. This means that there are at least 456,000 people in the UK with Epilepsy. This course will explore different types of Epilepsy and enable people to competently manage Epilepsy should the need arise.

Course Outline:

This course meets the standards outlined in the Joint Epilepsy Council's(JEC), Guidelines for this type of training.

Epilepsy Awareness covering:-

: What is epilepsy
: Causes of epilepsy
: Diagnosis
: Seizure types (classification) - video
: Treatment - anti-epileptic medication and side effects
: First aid for seizures
: Psychosocial issues, including cultural issues

Health and Safety covering:-

: Risk assessment
: Care plans
: Storage and disposal
: Duty of care and legal responsibilities
: Privacy and dignity

The Administration of Rectal Diazepam covering:-

: What diazepam is
: Use in epilepsy and indications for use
: Appropriate doses
: Practical demonstration using anatomical model & video
: Possible difficulties or barriers to administration
: Side effects
: Effects of overdose and action to take
: Action to take if prescribed dose ineffective

At the end of the course candidates will:-

: Have an understanding of epilepsy, its causes and treatment
: Understand the effects of epilepsy on individuals and families
: Have the knowledge to plan care, assess risk and develop strategies to ensure a safe environment for people with epilepsy
: Be able to manage seizures appropriate to type (first aid)
: Be able to recognise the emergency situation and act appropriately
: Understand the importance of recording seizures
: Will have an understanding of the theory and practice of administering rectal diazepam or buccal midazolam in accordance with the JEC (2004& 2005) guidelines
: Will have had the opportunity to carry out a simulated procedure under guidance from an experienced and qualified trainer
: Be able to follow and act according to the individual care plan and guidelines to administer emergency medication safely and appropriately.

Course Duration:

1 Day

Course Assessment:

There is no final assessment. The tutor ensures a thorough understanding has been achieved by questions, answers, discussion and practical scenarios

Course Certification:

Delegates receive a certificate of attendance

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