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Epilepsy Awareness

Course Overview:

Epilepsy is a neurological condition which presents in as many as 50 different types. It is diagnosed when someone has recurrent seizures (also known to many people as fits, grand mal, petit mal, absences). Over 440,000 people have epilepsy in the UK.

Course Outline:

For staff working with clients with epilepsy but not required to administer rescue treatments:

: What is epilepsy
: Causes of epilepsy
: Epilepsy myths and prejudices
: Types of epilepsy and seizure classification
: Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy
: Anti-epileptic medication and side effects
: Care Planning and risk assessment
: Seizure Triggers
: First Aid for seizures
: Recognising the emergency situation
: Social and psychological implications of epilepsy
: Practical case studies and workshops

At the end of the course, delegates will:-

: Have an understanding of epilepsy, its causes and treatment
: Understand the effects of epilepsy on individuals and families
: Have the knowledge to plan care, assess risk and develop strategies to ensure a safe environment
: Be able to manage seizures appropriate to type (first aid)
: Be able to recognise an emergency situation and act appropriately
: Understand the importance of recording seizures

Course Duration:

1/2 Day

Course Assessment:

There is no final assessment. The tutor ensures a thorough understanding has been achieved by questions, answers, discussion and practical scenarios

Course Certification:

Delegates receive a certificate of attendance

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