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2016 Course Planner Downlaod

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Fire Warden/Marshall Including Extinguisher Practice on Live Fire Simulator

Course Overview:

This course has been designed to give personnel the necessary information, knowledge and
training for them to be competent in fire safety and perform duties as a fire warden/Marshall.
During this theoretical and practical course you will experience the heat and flames from our
simulator whilst we teach you to put out a real fire using a range of extinguishers. Ultimately
you will gain confidence in operating a range of extinguishers to appropriately extinguish
different classes of fires. The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order requires all employed
personnel to have adequate fire safety training periodically and organisations are required to
have fire wardens/Marshalls on hand at all times.

Course Outline:

Intro to fire safety
Fire precautions/health & safety legislation
General fire prevention measures
Actions to be taken in the event of a fire
Evacuation procedures
Means of escape
Types of alarm and fire detectors
Fire wardens’ responsibilities
Practical exercises operating extinguishers on live fires
Information required by the fire service on arrival
Triangle of combustion
Classes of fire and methods of extinction
Operation of fire extinguishers
Basic fire precautions
Fire register and accountability procedures

Course Duration:

1 day

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